A Short and Useful History of the University of California Faculty Club Monks in Three Parts, plus a new more lengthy historical supplement by our Brother Gary Brower.









The illustrious history of the Monks is comprised of three distinct eras:

33 AD to 1772 AD: Initial Infrastructure Investment

The Monks' early years were characterized by a series of strong solo performances, subject to occasional negative reviews:


1772 AD to 1902 AD: Period of Sustained Growth

The second more exuberant era of the Monks began with the arrival of Father -- and International Fashion Icon -- Junípero Serra in Berkeley in 1772.    This period ended 130 years later on December 1, 1902.    While little is known of what occurred during this period in "California"-- the details being lost to the fog of time and to recent budgetary cutbacks -- a single photograph of the original UC Faculty Club has survived.   Note especially the then "state of the art" roof of the Club building [funded as part of the original TARP program], and the newly constructed Campanile just off camera to the left:



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