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Welcome Monks for our 2019 season with our Prior  Joseph Hébert to keep the UC Monk tradition going at The Faculty Club.

Check and Rehearse your music for performances December 4, 5, and 6.

Be on Stage in street clothes at 5 PM Wednesday, December 4th to rehearse with Brass. Be sure that you have Zion.

Performance Page now has full program for TFC.

Sheet music for Grace, Honey, Children for CC now posted.

The additional venue this year is

Corpus Christi Catholic Church,

322 Saint James Drive, Piedmont.

Additional Rehearsal:  None

Performance Saturday, December 14

The Performance Page has lists of music for 2019.

See the SoundFile page for rehearsal part tracks on Carol of the Bells, and See the Little Baby.

See SheetMusic page for PDF files of all new music for 2019 (thanks to Geoff Thorpe).

We have a few past videos to share. Click on the lower Photos button on the left. More photos and videos can be added by contacting the webmaster.

Contact information for the Prior and the webmaster are on the Calendar Page.

This is the only web site page that has been updated for 2019 at this time.

Note: Some password pages are blank except for a password box.

This website contains the official 2017 performance program, the rehearsal schedule, copies of all of the sheet music for our 2017 performances and sound files for certain of the works we will be performing.   Other useful information abounds.   Please feel free to download for use as a Monk:  Furtum non est ubi initium habet detentionis per dominium rei.